Saturday, August 6, 2011

Welcome to the After Life!

We've seen this all before - zombie mobs and pub crawls across the nation. We've watched others have all the fun pouring blood all over themselves and friends, tearing their clothes up and getting wasted in the name of zombie awareness everywhere. But, we at SF Zombie Crawl will wait no longer for these events to come to San Francisco!

On October 22nd, around 7pm, we will meet and have a never ending evening of the devil's debauchery. In the similar spirit of pub crawls SF already has going (see the wonderful Santarchy/Santacon, if you don't already participate), we want to have a great night full of zombie madness and booze. Its as simple as that! Come in any attire you wish, as long as it is undead inspired (be you a fresh victim, long rotted, or unfortunate survivor). Then, bring some money for some great pubs and bars with some fantastic drinks and friends.

Have some ideas? Questions? Want to discuss more? Check out our facebook page for more information and updates!

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